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What details do you need to pay attention to when customizing the gift box?

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Gifts convey all kinds of emotions in people's life. It is also a traditional custom of Chinese people to send gifts to each other during festivals. Consumers have higher and higher requirements on the process and quality of custom-made gift boxes. What details should be paid attention to in the process of making gift boxes by gift box packaging manufacturers? Today, the editor of Delong packaging will give you a brief introduction to the customization of packaging boxes.

What details do you need to pay attention to when customizing the gift box?

Gift box is the most common food gift box packaging in our daily life. Most of them are paper gift boxes, which are made of double copper paper and sub copper paper. Because it involves the process of mounting, if it is too thick, it is easy to blister and affect the beauty. The most suitable mounting paper is double gray paper, which should be used correctly.

The appearance of beautiful and generous packaging box customization must ensure the effect, the use of color requires clever collocation, too messy colors often distract the attention of consumers, resulting in the effect of product highlights is not obvious. In addition to the basic color, the selection of spot color will affect the beauty, high-grade cosmetics packaging box custom-made general pure white to foil the delicacy of the product.

Packaging box customization will involve many aspects of things, in the specific packaging box production process needs to be comprehensive, a good feeling of packaging box customization products can win the favor of consumers is need to integrate a lot of energy. The packaging box customization of Xiaomi mobile phone belongs to electronic product packaging box customization, with simple style, which well matches the hungry marketing mode of Xiaomi mobile phone. Gift box packaging is for better sales of products, which is the marketing attribute of high-end gift box packaging, and packaging box customization in the process of packaging box production can not be ignored.

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