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What are the main construction patterns of gift box?

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  • Date:2020-12-01 11:02:57
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The structure design of gift box factory plays an important role in the sales of goods. An excellent and animal packaging structure can better show the goods and attract more producers. Next, introduce four kinds of carton packaging structure design, there is always one suitable for you!

What are the main construction patterns of gift box?

Book box gift box packaging

This kind of gift box is used in food and toy industry, which gives indirect visual impact to producers, attracts the attention of producers and reduces the credibility of products. The materials of individual windows are filled with transparent materials, such as Tongming PVC.

Portable gift box packaging

This model of carton rarely used in gift box packaging, the advantage is easy to carry. However, in the process of using, we should pay attention to whether the size and weight of the gift are equal to that of the handle, so as not to cause unnecessary embarrassment in the process of using.

Heaven and earth cover gift box packaging

This kind of structure with cover can be divided into integral type and split type. The so-called integrated type refers to the cover and box body connected, all beautiful and generous; while the split type is the heaven and earth cover, which we often call heaven and earth cover, both of which give gifts double protection, reducing the gift's ability to resist pressure.

Socket type gift box structure packaging

This is a rare gift box model. It is simple in appearance, simple in technology and low in cost. Many retail gift boxes use this construction mode

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