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How to allocate ink reasonably when printing product packaging?

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In order to achieve the ideal color effect, special attention should be paid to ink mixing when making color printing packaging. Through years of experience in color printing and packaging production, we would like to introduce the matters needing attention when mixing ink:

How to allocate ink reasonably when printing product packaging?

1、 Confirm the main color and the auxiliary color contained in the color printing package. The main color ink is used as the basic ink, and other inks are used as the color matching ink, with the basic ink as the main ink and the color matching ink as the auxiliary. In this way, the allocation of spot color ink will be faster and more accurate;

2、 The best light sources for color discrimination are uniform white light, natural light from windows facing north, and artificial light sources similar to natural light, such as fluorescent lamp and incandescent lamp;

3、 To adjust the spot color ink, the saturated hue of the ink should be called out first, and a thin sample should be made. After the universal coupling confirms that there is no lack of main color and auxiliary color, the diluent is used to adjust to the required spot color. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to printing technology, water and ink quantity control, speed and printing equipment, etc., and grasp printing and its laws to ensure product quality;

4、 Ink blending should be evenly mixed. If the paper property is coated paper, that is, coated paper, it should be prepared with quick drying ink, while offset paper can be blended with resin ink;

5、 To consider the color printing packaging color sample around the ring

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